You've worked hard to get where you are as a therapist, let's make getting certified easy!

Are you a therapist wanting to get your EMDR certification, but are nervous as heck about getting in front of your peers? Have you been wanting to learn about couples, sex and relationships, applied to the EMDR standard model? 

We've got a group for you! 

Friends at Work

Fist of all, congratulations on your decision to become EMDRIA certified! I'm glad that you are here, and am so excited to be a part of your journey.

I want you to enjoy your process of becoming certified, have fun and most importantly, find your niche as an EMDR Certified Therapist.

My consultation sessions and groups are unique- non judgmental, stress-free and informative. You'll learn the standard 8, applied to sex therapy, couples and relationships.


Bonus- I also weave in business building, so if if you are looking to change up your practice environment, go into private practice or up level what you are currently doing, this group is for you!


Ready to get started?   

Spring 2022 Groups

Now Forming

Job Interview

-1x1 Sessions, just you and me-no judgements, no anxiety, no stress!

5 sessions pkg, $600

People During Workshop

Group Consultation- Hybrid model of individual and group hours

10 months, $950

Yoga at Home

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